What are needle-free injections
and how do they work?


  • Needle-free injections, also called needle-less or needless injections, are simply an injection without the need to use needles.
  • A needle-free injection occurs when the injectable medicine eg (insulin, hormones, local anaesthesia and more) is pushed into the body through the skin by a combination of pressure and high velocity from a syringe:nozzle without a needle that has been specially designed for this purpose, “hence the liquid becomes the needle “.
  • Needle free insulin injections are a safe and pain-free solution for people with diabetes and are simple for both adults and children to use. With the Comfort-in™, the insulin is pushed through a micro-orifice into the superficial skin cells to the tissue below.

Easy & Painfree Injections

  • No Needle or Sharps
  • Simple to Use – Even for Kids & Dogs
  • No Batteries or Gas to Replace
  • Cost Effective and Durable
  • Suitable for IVF, Diabetics, B-12, Medical, Dental, Cosmetics, Supplements and more!
  • Components for specific applications

What is Comfort-in™️?

Comfort-in™️ is a spring operated needle-free injection system. This system is a type of medical injecting syringe that uses high-pressure – it uses the narrow jet of the injected liquid instead of a hypodermic needle to penetrate the epidermis (skin). It delivers from 0.01ml up to 0.5ml of any liquid medication (1-50 units), it can also be referred to as a jet injector. It is ideal for personal use to self-administer insulin, hormones, vitamin B-12 and other liquid injectable grade medication.

Comparison: Needle Syringe Injection vs Comfort-In Jet Injector


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