“Drug Driving” is a major issue in maintaining road safety and proper behavior among motorists in Australia. Several studies had been conducted in recent years to conclude that the drivers’ personal attitude, social and cultural factors play the major role in “Drug Driving”. As a result, the motorists usually assume that taking illicit drugs and alcohol while driving is not risky. Rather many motorists consider it as a way to enhance their driving skills .
As a result, the incidents of accidents due to driving under influence (DUI) are rising in Australia like never before. The recent studies show that there were near two thousand accidents happened solely in 2016 because of consuming alcohol or other drug substances. Furthermore, there were around one thousand incidents where the victims were diagnosed with Diabetes . Moreover, excessive drug abuse is also becoming a serious health issue in many developed countries like USA .
Under these circumstances, the use of a personal drug test kit is becoming more popular among the consumers. Some of the most compelling reasons for this can be listed as below-
Parental Control: There is a usual conception among the parents nowadays that if the home drug test can be agreed upon from both the parents and the adolescents, it can actually saves lives. Teenagers are more prone to drug abuse nowadays because of peer pressure, the easy accessibility of drugs in today’s society, the social pressure, excessive study load, the cultural view and so on. Thus, a well understood home drug testing habit is becoming more popular .
Prevention is better than cure: Drug addiction can come to one’s life at any stage of their life. It happens primarily when there is any unexpected/ crucial transition in life like a divorce, losing a job or the death of a near and dear one. Thus, detecting the early symptoms like loss of appetite or interest towards life is important. At the same time, occasional private drug testing is also necessary to keep the near ones safe in the family rather than getting suffered in a rehab center .
Safe Workplace: Work Pressure can be a major reason for drug abuse among the employees. On the other hand, it may also compromise the safety of a workplace. Therefore, many organizations have come up with mandatory tests for employees with the written consent form. But privacy is the main issue while dealing with these kinds of sensitive information . As a result, a personal drug test kit can be used as a safety net rather than losing one’s livelihood unexpectedly.
In conclusion, Drug Abuse is one of the major health issues around the world. The increased amount of work pressure, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of social connection among individuals are making one lonelier than ever. Thus, getting addicted into drugs is becoming one of the easiest escapes. Therefore, a personal drug test kit can be the ultimate savior for us, our family and our friend.


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