Uncontrollable sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, generally bleariness all of these symptoms are the cause for taking allergy shots by most people. But the question here is how effective the allergy shots really are. Some people think that it works very effectively but some people don’t. We will discuss further about the reason behind this disagreement and the actual results of taking allergy shots.

Dr. Sydney Spiesel, an expert on medical issues and a professor at the Yale School of Medicine have given us the answer to these questions.

The allergy shots are simply an extract of the substance to which people are allergic. The shots are given in slowly increasing, very slowly increasing and frequent injections. These shots push the immune response away from an allergic reaction and more toward a conventional (the kind of conventional reaction that protects us against illness).

There is no question that this immunotherapy or desensitization treatment works and there are several papers to provide the reasonings. The patients who got it needed less antihistamine treatment, needed less nasal steroids and had a lower symptom score after treatment. They really are effective against other allergies and some have been well known for a long time. As an example, bee stings. Still, there are some limitations, like they are not very effective for food allergies.

There is some exceptional case like people who get seriously affected by hay fever. Allergy shots may not be very effective for them because of their weak immune system or other reasons. It is actually justifiable for those patients.

Therefore, it is proven and justified that Allergy shots should be very effective especially for some diseases. Moreover, they should be taken with proper medication and caution.