In the two types of diabetes, with the first type beta cells of the pancreas produce are erroneously destroyed by the immune system. In the second type, which is the most common in which the body cells cease to respond to insulin, or the pancreas is unable to make enough insulin. It is thus necessary to inject insulin to control sugar in the body. In both cases, blood sugar levels can reach very high – a bodily condition called hyperglycemia. If not controlled in time it may lead to kidney disease, cardiovascular problems, damage to eye cells and nerve damage.

Thus, injecting of insulin is becoming a standard; many pregnant women suffer from GDM – Gestational diabetes mellitus; it may even continue after the pregnancy and insulin injections are a must. The Comfort-inTM injections save these women from needle pain and lumps. Then, some patients suffer from severe diabetes but still cannot visit the doctor frequently to get insulin shots. The Comfort-inTM needle-free injections can be self- administered is easy and assures fast dispersals, thus ensuring speedier relief.

Those children and pets having diabetes have to go through the ordeal of the insulin shots with an added phobia of the needle; this is coupled with the risk that they may become hyper and react violently. We can avoid this by using Comfort-inTM and reduce their suffering. Even the pet owner and the parent can give the insulin shot at home by using Comfort inTM. The people with diabetes have never had so good as far as injecting insulin is concerned. With persons having teeth problems with diabetes, insulin injections can be taken quickly by themselves. Log on to the website to understand how Comfort-inTM works and learn more about needleless injection system for insulin

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