There are various ways to deliver drugs for patients nowadays. Several technologies are depending on oral, inhalation or other alimentary ways. But the use of needle-based injections is also necessary for different types of treatments which are specifically based on protein (like insulin), gene or vaccine. But unfortunately, the major issues associated with this type of drug delivery are
The phobia of using needle especially when the patients need to inject the fluid by themselves.
Furthermore, the professional healthcare are also always concerned about the accidental injuries while performing therapies using needle based injections.
Therefore, the invention and emergence of needle-free injection technologies are advancing in recent years like never before .
The benefits of using this kind of technologies are also well perceived nowadays. Some of these benefits may include-
Cost Efficiency: The chance of injury while using needle free injections is far less than needle based ones. Thus, the associated cost of accidental injuries is totally eliminated. Furthermore, the cost of buying extra needles in case of accidental needle break is also eliminated.

Sterility: One of the main issue in healthcare system is infections and cross contamination. Furthermore, this kind of incidents happens because of human error more often. By using needle free injections these risks are totally eliminated .

Improved treatment outcome: It had been tested that patients are responding to needle free injections better especially while injecting themselves. For example, the increase in insulin absorption for the Diabetic patients and the improvement of their sugar control clearly shows the benefits of using needle free injections .

Improved Dental Treatment: The needle free injections are in use for dental treatment. Especially for the child patients, this technology is becoming an essential nowadays. Moreover, these jet injector devices are also used for anesthesia, fillings, extractions and other dental procedures .

In conclusion, the use and advancement of needle free injections are happening in a regular basis nowadays. Researchers are coming up with different versions of this kind of injections every now and then. Thus, the patients, the medical and healthcare professionals are becoming more aware of the vast uses of needle free injections to avoid the needle phobia, the associated cost of needle based injections, the infections and the unwanted human errors.