A few observations and insights on the Needle-free Injection system are stated below. We want to present a few facts.

Working: The Comfort-inTM injects liquid medications through the skin and into the subcutaneous tissue. There are five types of adapters available to adjust for any injectable liquid of any pen, vial or cartridge. The nozzle capacity is 0.5ml for each fill. After loading the injector, the liquid medication in the nozzle/syringe is flowed effortlessly as a small jet, into the body via a spring-action – at the speed of 100 ms per second. Due to its painless operation, it is becoming very popular with several medical professionals: dentists, dieticians, veterinarians, pediatricians, podiatrists and many other specialists. This is because of its efficient and straightforward operation, precise deliveries and spreading of the medicine faster than conventional syringes.

It is a matter of different area to research that by using needle-free injection devices, many have got rid of their fears and phobias for needled injections. If we do some research on it, we are sure to find thousands of cases of this type. Then we have people who do self- injecting insulin or some of the other injections that their confidence in self-injecting has gone up by using Comfort-inTM. Pets, children, people with diabetes, patients with teeth problems, people with recurrent diseases, in-vitro fertilised women, sportsmen and all types of patients needing frequent injections have benefitted from this device. We can use it for injecting peptides, insulin, nutrients, vaccinations, anesthesia and many others.

The only precaution which has to be taken is to warn the patient the squish noise when the medicine comes out of the device. It does not pierce the skin so no lumps or no lipodystrophy, it can be used for 10000 injections, after sterilising it. For technical specs and other details on just search Injectneedlefree.com website


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