It is no surprise that injections are painful. Podiatrists usually use needle injections for medicinal purpose starting from a simple ailment like a knee pain to complicated disease like arthritis. Even if it is a simple process the pain involved with the needles bring in some amount of resistance in patients from using it.

This kind of resistance which is also known as ‘injection phobia’ is more acute for children below the age of 10. Injection phobia is the fear and avoidance of injections and having a blood sample withdrawn or pricking a finger. If escape from these phobic situations is not possible, there is a high probability of fainting due to a marked drop in blood pressure and heart rate. Phobia for injections can lead to avoiding a visit to the doctors & avoiding small operations. Thus, injection phobia can have far-reaching consequence.

The apparent benefit of Comfort-inTM painless injections is they are painless. Thus patients especially children will feel comfortable to take it. There is little or no swelling at the injection site because there are no needles involved. It doesn’t cause anxiety or stress in patients since its simple, easier and a much faster process than the traditional one. This practice is opted by many patients and it’s becoming a prerequisite to use this technology by modern podiatrists to help all age categories of people with pain-free infusions.

Moreover, the Comfort-inTM is easier to administer by an individual patient i.e. they do not need any clinical assistant or an expert. It’s easy to self-manage it as it is just a shot and thus a fuzz-free technique. This can be very useful for people who will need to take injections very regularly as in the case of people with diabetes and hence will need frequent insulin shots in a day.

It is true that injections come with an obvious consequence, i.e. the pain involved with it. Needles are very painful causing bleeding, discomfort or even infections in patients. The Comfort-inTM painless injection can have several benefits like reducing anxiety and stress generated due to pain, compliance with medical procedures, self-management which reduces the dependencies on experts and it reduces irritation in the skin. Thus, painless injections are safer, comfortable and more convenient for the patients.

For more information, please feel free to visit our website and inform your podiatrists about Comfort-inTM to use it in your next session.