You may have been wondering about testosterone, perhaps due to all the advertisements pushing it. It
may sound great to combat the effects of aging, increase muscle mass, give your sex life a lift, and gain
back some of the energy you’ve lost and haven’t found, but there are risks associated with testosterone
therapy that perhaps you were not counting on.

Let’s start with the main cause due to which testosterone has been a buzz word all around. It is mostly
seen in the youngsters that they have a urge to grow masculine to have facial hairs to such a extent that
they now consider that a guy who doesn’t have beard isn’t a man. To get this masculine “Beardo” look
the only option that they find while surfing the net is “testosterone”. It feels that testosterone is the
“Pixe dust that made tinkerbell fly”. Youngsters find it as the easiest option to get that desired physic by
just a tablet or maybe a shake or just by a 1.5 inch needle and we all know “where there is a will there is
a way“ and that way is online shopping.

One of the most outgrowing providers of testosterone is the online shops that sell testosterone related
products without proper prescriptions which is illegal. Furthermore, they provide testosterone mixed
with other various legal products such as “Willy” or “Winstrol” ( Max Plenke | May 18, 2015). This
scenario wasn’t only taking place with adults who tried to hit puberty hard but also with adults whose
puberty had vanished long ago. Adults from age 40 to 60 are now opting for testosterone therapies to
get that anti-aging effect on their body without knowing the fact that Testosterone therapy can also
cause acne, breast enlargement, and increased risk of blood clots, decreased testicular size, aggression,
mood swings, and worsening of sleep apnea. Men who are concerned about their prostate health
should be aware that it can stimulate prostate tissue and lead to increased urinary symptoms. It can
increase PSA level and lower fertility. You have to ask yourself if all that is worth it (
Another category of fans for testosterone are bodybuilders .Testosterone for bodybuilder is nowadays a
must have element in their building process and to see fast results bodybuilders are the highest buyers
of synthetic anabolic steroid Stanozolol (needles). Eventually it stopped the natural process of body
creating natural testosterone and their body changed even worse what is was before

So it is all clear that today due to the extraordinary marketing strategies that online companies use to
sell testosterone, the common people have only been shown one side of the coin and the other side is
equally kept in shadow.