Pets are afraid to go to vets because they get traumatic vibes of pain. When they enter the clinic, they can identify the smell and sounds that usually happens in the clinic. It raises anxiety level in the pets. There are few infectious diseases in dogs that are canine parvovirus and distemper. These diseases can be prevented through early vaccination when they are in the early stages of their life. In the case of cats, they have a different set of diseases including anemia, kidney diseases, fatal cancer, etc. Considering the Comfort of the pets, the needle-free injections help them to get the treatment in a pain-free manner.

Diabetes mellitus is an ailment in which the beta cells of the endocrine pancreas either quit delivering insulin or can never again create it in enough amount for the body’s needs. The condition is ordinarily partitioned into two kinds, contingent upon the beginning of the condition: Type 1 diabetes, now and again called “adolescent diabetes”, is caused by obliteration of the beta cells of the pancreas. This drug cannot be given as a tablet; it should be injected to a fatty tissue of the body. Injecting a needle through the skin and it can be the root cause for numerous skin diseases like external parasites, primary bacterial infections and itchy skin. This is can be avoided using needle-free injections.

The condition is additionally alluded to as insulin-dependent diabetes, which means exogenous insulin infusions must supplant the insulin the pancreas is not any more equipped for creating for the body’s needs. In this condition, the pets need to inject on daily based on which type of diabetes they are.

All these diseases have different treatment methods which involve in injections as part of their procedures. The pets get mortified and develop fear towards the vet, to overcome this situation instead of using needles for injecting the medicine Comfort-in™ provide the needle-free infusions for the pets of all kind of species those are suffering from various health conditions. The new version of these infusions helps the pets to get pain-free treatment for diabetes. In pets, skin puncture may cause various infections. To avoid this, needle-free injections are innovated.

  • These infusions are cost-effective, more reliable and are more stabilized.
  • The needle-free injections do not cause any side effects.
  • In the case of pets, there is a high risk of breaking the needle during the infusion procedure, this situation can be avoided.

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