Needle Free Injections for Dental

For most of us, the thought of a needle when going to the dentist is something we dread. But, with needle free dental injections, you can put that fear to rest.

Feel the Difference with the Comfort-in™

  • Alleviates Dental Phobia. Thousands of people all over the world suffer from some degree of needle phobia or anxiety. Our needle free technology alleviates this fear with our unique needle-free injection technique.
  • Reduces noise and pain. The common problem associated with jet injectors is that they make a loud noise that lingers after injection. The automated spring pressure of Comfort-in™ significantly reduces noise and resulting discomfort.
  • Reduces treatment time. The jet injection by Comfort-in™TM can shorten treatment time due to better dispersion of anaesthetic medication.

Quick and efficient anaesthesia and thus time-saving treatment.

Contrary to conventional local injection methods, infiltration anaesthesia with Comfort-in™ delivers the local anaesthetic submucously down the periosteum.

This leads to a more rapid diffusion and resorption and a quicker rise to the effective concentrations.

The past decades have been dedicated to research and development in collaboration with dentists to develop a solution for local anaesthesia, without using needles.

The solution is to apply a local anaesthetic in the mucous membrane where it is spreading in the deeper layers of the gums, creating a sufficient effect much faster than the anaesthesia needle.

Many clinical trials have proved that drug distribution is done in a more suitable way than using a traditional syringe (multi-jet technology). The given doses are definitely much lower and the risk of side effects is considerably reduced.

Click here for instructions for dental injections, or click the icon to download a printable .pdf file.

Kit includes 1 carry bag, 1 user manual, 1 injector, 1 pressure lever/charger, 10 syringes, 1 dental adapter, 1 flat position cap, and 1 curved position cap. Reset box optional. 

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What is Comfort-in™️ and how does it work?

Comfort-in™️ is a spring operated needle-free injection system. This system is a type of medical injecting syringe that uses high-pressure - it uses the narrow jet of the injected liquid instead of a hypodermic needle to penetrate the epidermis (skin).

Comfort-in™️ is a compact system and delivers up to 0.5ml (50 units) of any liquid medication, it can also be referred to as a jet injector. It is ideal for personal use to self-administer insulin, hormones, vitamin B-12 and other liquid injectable grade medication.

In regards to personal use, Comfort-in™️ is an astonishing device that has given individuals with needle phobia the confidence and reassurance to receive or self-administer medication via the needle free injection system. It gives needle phobics the power to receive vaccinations or to allow their medical health professional,  to administer local anesthesia to perform simple procedures such as stitches.