Finally a painless alternative to needles and a way to reduce the trauma for pets with needle free injections

diabetic dog needle free insulin shot

Terry administers insulin to Benny (the dog) with the Comfort-in™ Click to Learn more

Given the importance of our furry friend in our lives, it can be especially difficult when it comes to administering injections to them. Them being in pain and discomfort make us feel pained. Also, the fact that it is hard for them to be completely still to apply the injections makes the job especially hard.

But with the needle free injection, these difficulties will be a thing of the past, no more would we need to “cause pain to be kind”. Needle free injections are safe and effective for pets and make the job of a veterinarian easier.

For vets the needle free injections, allows treatment of animals without causing extra pain. Whether your cat or dog has diabetes, or you need to vaccinate your pet or livestock, the needle-free injection system allows you to administer medicine and other injectables without needles for animals.

The needle free injection system has a very small exit orifice of  0.15mm and uses high-velocity jet injection strong enough to penetrate the skin in less than one-third of a second and fast enough to administer the medication safely and virtually pain-free.

With how little time it takes for the needle free injection to work, this can significantly reduce the time it takes to do vaccinations for livestock and pets as well as making the whole thing pain free. People are also using the needle free injections to administer insulin to pets including cats and dogs that suffer from diabetes and reducing the trauma involved.


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