Stress-Free Insulin Injection for Your pets

Diabetes is common with dogs these days. Insulin injection is still an essential therapy for all pets having diabetes, whether dogs and cats.

Many insulin choices are available for each species. The insulin decided will depend on the individual patient’s needs. Intermediate-acting insulin is usually the first option for dogs, and longer-acting insulin is the right option for cats. However, in both cases, the needle and syringe system is used to give the doses – which is painful not only for the pets but also stressful for the owner. To provide the painless dosages, many devices are available – pen devices (which need no particular skill to handle), Though Insulin dosing pens are structured to be used by people with no medical training. They have many features but cannot beat the Needleless injections.

This is the better option so far is the needle-less jet-powered device to help the veterinarian to give the right dosage and effectively, without any pain. These devices are easy to use on pets, and the doses can be measured accurately with desirable treatment – we can also expect good results. Needle-free injecting mechanisms remove the fear and the stress for your pets; dosage control is also easy and simple for administration. This assures that overdosing does not happen; overdosing may cause more harm than good. The risk of breaking the needle inside the body of the restless pet is also avoided. You may log on to our website to get the full details of Comfort-in™ injecting devices– you may either chat with our friendly agent, write an email or look at the videos to help you out.

  • The product is easy to use even by an untrained person.
  • Dosages are well measured, cost-effective
  • The needle-free products have no side effects or don’t cause any pain.
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