Daigou is the Chinese practice of a person who is purchasing on behalf of someone else. The Daigou, here in Australia are personal shoppers who are buying baby formula for to be sent back to China. It is a well-known fact that Australian dairy is probably the best the world has to offer.

The process is not illegal, yet it is far from ethical in some sense. Everyone wants to earn a decent amount of money but clearing the entire shelf in a couple of minutes after stocking is very extreme especially because the people who need it for their baby/babies here in Australia.

Before smuggling Baby Formula into China, the order is negotiated/initiated in WeChat, the to-go app for Chinese people where transaction records can be kept. Then the delivery is done through sites like the Chinese Ebay, Taobao.

It is because of the Daigou that the carrying limit of a baby formula per person has dropped from 8 to 2. But that does not stop the Daigou as they know a little trip outside the store to drop the package off and again returning will allow them 2 more tins of formula each trip. No one can blame them as they make almost double the cost of each tin they are purchasing the tin with.

There is such a thing a “too much of a good thing”. China’s affinity for the formula are driving the pharmacies/ Australian parents insane. Would you not be infuriated if your child was crying for formula, but you rush to the store to find out someone emptied the entire shelf for selfish reasons?

The demand is far more than the supply can reach as apparently, Australian companies are ending up supplying for 2 countries rather than 1. Even though the entire event is not illegal, can one actually take food literally from a child’s grasp and call it ethical?

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