Dentist’s Fear and Injecting with Needles:

The dentist’s clinic is probably the most feared place for everybody. The first thing is the pain which we are suffering in the gums or in the teeth roots, which is compounded by the anaesthesia administered by needled injections. The children are very fearful of dental treatment, and their pain may also turn into phobia if the needle piercing is not eliminated forever.

This trouble can be avoided by using a technology that delivers the anaesthesia, bypassing the mucous membrane and going right to the periosteum. As it diffuses faster than the conventional method of injecting, the resorption also is more rapid, and thus, the increase in concentration is at a comparatively faster rate. Anaesthetic effect is achieved even by lesser doses, thus reducing the needed amount of anaesthesia with virtually no side effects, like say allergies to the medication. Non-cooperation of the patient will be due to fear of pain, disagreement of the taste in the mouth, more extended time of retention of the anaesthetic medicine in the mouth, vomiting etc. The Comfort-inTM injecting system removes all these problems.

All this can be avoided by using Comfort-inTM a jet based delivery of medicine which does not require needles to inject the medication in the bloodstream; in a fraction of a second, it is passed into the blood. The dose even moves faster, as discussed above. A minute hole in the syringe of 0.15 mm injects the medicine at the place to be anaesthetised. Since we get a large window to work on, and the anaesthesia is locally focused on the area of choice, the task of the dentist becomes more comfortable and more uncomplicated. The overall feel-good factor also increases as the pain caused due to the needle is eliminated. The dentist can focus more on his work than worrying about the patient’s fear and other issues listed above. Please visit our page related to needle-free dental injections for more information.

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