Fear and anxiety are common emotions experienced by children who need dental treatment. Sometimes this becomes a barrier for children to receive dental treatment. They associate pain with dental injections which make them anxious before and also during the treatment. These are very negative emotions that unfortunately deter children from going to dentists.

Minimal patient discomfort is now an important requirement when children visit dentists. Patient-friendly treatments are the need of the hour right now. Even if children have to be given anesthesia, the better option is to use needleless injections for their treatment, so that they get over their negative reaction to the treatment given by dentists.

Some options to making the experience for a child patient-friendly are using jet injectors, topical anesthesia. These alternative methods make a child’s response to the treatment a lot easier and positive.

Complete sedation for treatment of teeth is not required anymore, local anesthesia is definitely a better and safer option.

A clinic with modern facilities, warm and friendly doctors who are experienced would definitely recommend and use needle-free and painless dental injections for children. They concentrate on patient comfort and easier and pleasant experiences so that a child does not associate trauma with dental treatment.

Children are delicate and need to be treated gently and with care. Dentists need to win their trust by making their dental experience painless, comfortable and fun. This will have a positive effect on the child psychologically as well as their parents will be able to heave a sigh of relief because there will not to be too much fuss.

Jet injectors are needleless injections which are almost painless which achieve the aim of not being a distressing experience for children when they visit a dentist.

Who knows? Maybe a child will look forward to visiting a dentist’s clinic if his visits are made more relaxing and fun.

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