Podiatrists are experts in foot, ankle, and lower limb health. They can help to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions including ingrown nails, skin problems, sprains and various other issues.

Injections can be painful especially when they have to be taken in sensitive areas like ankle and foot it can be a nightmare for most of the people. The comfort-in needle-free injection device can be used to inject antibiotics, anaesthesia and various other drugs. Using a needless system is less painful compared to the traditional injections. Thus it is the best option for sensitive areas like feet and ankle. Patients usually visit a podiatrist for painful condition of their feet or ankle using a needle injection will only add to the pain and trauma the patient will have to go thru. Needle phobia affects at least 10% of the population, fear of needles and the pain associated with it will eventually lead to avoiding appointments and noncompliance. Comfort-in helps the patients easily overcome their phobia or anxiety since it is painless and quick. The patients will hardly realize that they have been injected. Moreover, it doesn’t have any pricking or irritation sensation on the skins like the traditional injection.

Irene a 56 years old user of Comfort-in has mentioned that she hated taking injections since it involved skin ruptures. Now with comfort-in, she feels much more comfortable with injections that she doesn’t even need an injection expert.
Another user of comfort-in shares his experience with the product:

“I always had needle phobia I was too ashamed to admit it since I’m a 26 years old adult, fear of needles were the main reason why I used to keep postponing my doctor’s appointment. Thanks to Comfort-in, it saved me from a lot of embarrassment. I feel a lot more confident and relaxed now since it is painless and I don’t realize that I’m getting injected. I no longer have to worry about finding reasons to skip my appointment” says a 26-year-old professional who is suffering from skin issues near his ankle.
Podiatrist Kelly also shared her experience of using Comfort-in with her patients. She has mentioned that she is happy since her patients don’t have to go thru the pain and agony involved with needles and using Comfort-in is much easier and faster.

Injections on ankle and foot can be very painful since these are very sensitive areas. Patients develop a fear towards Injection because of the pain involved with it which leads them to avoid treatments and non-compliance. The best option to overcome this issue is to use a needless injection which is less painful and fuzz-free.

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