Best Way To Eliminate Fear Of Scary Syringe Shots: Comfort-inTM

Insignificant cases of surgery and long term treatments which need needled injections, the one cause of concern for both the patient and the Doctor is the agony of the dose more than the actual pain. A typical example is of the children who are given the nutrition or hormone treatment, or a vitro fertilised woman. This multiplies the fear caused due to the injection even before she is injected, one more reason for the patient’s relatives and well-wishers to be worried. To counter all concern would be a tedious task and additional burden for the medical professional.

To bypass this issue and say Goodbye to Scary Syringe needles, there should be a permanent and ideal solution. No need to look for – it is available here in Australia – you may log on to for the detailed videos and information to know more. This is a single jet based injection-free system with very effective delivery of the medicine subcutaneously in the bloodstream. It is so easy that one can also administer it without some medical help if the dosage is determined and the Doctor in charge agrees.

The syringe has a spring action, and the jet of the medicine is entered below the skin without any needle within 1/3rd of a second. Comfort-inTM is a compact mechanism and can deliver up to 0.5ml (50 units) of any liquid medication. The surprising thing is there is the absence of needle or sharps, no batteries or gases to replace, it very cost-efficient and long-lasting and it has multiple applications – diabetics, nutrition, medical, cosmetics, vaccinations, dental, vitro fertilisations and quite a few other applications.

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