Pinprick needle pain is a dread for many patients. Just like many people avoid hospitals for mortal fear of treatments which entail injections, same way 10% of the population avoid getting injected with needles, in their minds a needle insert is more painful than the malady itself. Needle phobia is a universal phenomenon cutting across age, sex and national barriers – one fear common to all.

Many diabetics have to take several insulin injections in a day -then a demotivating factor to take the insulin injection is the needle prick. Needle-free injectors use jet pressure to inject the drug fast into the tissue at the right depth below the skin. The medicine jet is administered by injecting the drug by a unique nozzle, which gets over in only 300 milliseconds. Administering injections with needles requires special training – however, in the case of needle-free jet injection this is not required. One thing that it assures us that it does it efficiently and inserting the right dosage, it is simple to use. The trauma, stress and various fears associated with the needle injection is gone in this system. In the needle-based injection, there is sometimes the risk of breaking a needle or injecting up to the incorrect depth. For instance, in the case of diabetics, this may result in unhealthy glycemic control, thereby enhancing the danger of resulting in additional complications related to diabetes. With needles and sharps, the disposal issue also is a significant problem, infections and other factors attract litigation.

However, the main advantage here is that the Patients’ injection fears are also almost nullified as there is no needle pinch to complain of. The best insertion depth makes sure of smooth subcutaneous delivery of drugs. Thus, nothing can beat the needle-free injecting process perfected in the product Comfort-inTM available at

Ideal for pets, children and needle-phobic patients it can at least save the patient from the painful needle and its fear. This is a boon for diabetics taking frequent injections, vitro fertilised women, pets, terminally sick people needing frequent injections and many other patients needing frequent injections.

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