Vitamin B12 deficiency is a serious issue. This health condition has to be treated for a good quality of life.  If a child is anemic and has this deficiency, it should be immediately addressed and medically treated. One cannot afford to waste any time as children who are not treated quickly are at a great health risk.  If not treated quickly, this deficiency can cause irreversible damage to a child’s nervous system and brain. It can also cause stomach problems.

Taking vitamin B12 injections are ideal as they get directly absorbed in the body and the child can soon begin feeling alive and energetic. Therefore taking vitamin B12 shots are very important for children.

To decrease the parent’s as well as the child’s anxiety and pain of taking the injection stab, needle-free jet injectors should be employed. It is an ideal alternative to using syringes. It is convenient and almost painless.  It is easy enough for a child to learn and to inject himself without any stress. However, it is not encouraged. It is, by far, a simple solution to using needle-based injections.

Dietary supplement:

Foods rich in vitamin B12 should be included in a child’s diet. The rich nutritional sources of vitamin B12 are eggs, milk and meat. They can also be given multi-vitamin tablets which include vitamin B12.

Children are very sensitive and need to be dealt with a lot of care, especially if they have a condition which makes them feel that they are ‘different’.

A child trusts that his parents will do the best for him and associates his wellbeing with them. Parents should always take care to administer treatment in the simplest way which will not traumatize the child.

Needle-free vitamin B12 deficiency injection for children will save them from pain and mental traumatization and a complex childhood. Children should be spared the unnecessary anxiety which is associated with being poked with needles.

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