Vitamin B12 deficiency is quite common amongst children and can have grave effects on a child, like permanently injuring the brain if not diagnosed. It can also lead to delay in development, mental retardation, low IQ, seizures, tremors, not being able to thrive, problems in motor movement, behavioral problems, delay in language, speech, social interaction etc.

Therefore it has to be taken very seriously and treated as soon as the deficiency is detected in a child.

However, its treatment is easy and it can also be prevented provided it is diagnosed early.  If vitamin B12 deficiency is not discovered in time in a child then, even if it is treated, the child will suffer from a permanent intellectual disability.

Therefore one has to be on guard and as soon as symptoms start becoming obvious, the child should be checked and then treated.

The treatment may involve injecting doses of vitamin B12 every-day. A child may get distressed if this has to be done with needle-sticks every-day. It can make a child feel like he is a freak because he has to take painful injections every-day. However, if the treatment does not include injecting oneself with needle injections and it is not painful and scary then the child will not give it much thought.

Needle-free vitamin B12 injections are so simple to use that even children can be taught to inject themselves without parents fearing that the child will not do it right. It is a safe and effective device.

Even infants can have this deficiency, and being poked with a needle-stick can be very painful for the infant. So if the infant is injected with a needleless injection the child will not find it very painful, not suffer unnecessarily and be easy to handle.

Therefore a needle-free injection is the best option for deficiency of vitamin B12 and even otherwise.

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