Needleless Injection Defined:

Needleless injection is an injection that is administered by an injection device that uses either air or a spring to push the medicine or other liquid into the body, rather than using a needle.

In North America, the Comfort-in™ is the only needleless injection system available to the general public and professionals. Individuals and professionals alike, are using the Comfort-in™ needleless injection device for many applications.

These applications include insulin injection by diabetics. Dental offices using it for pain-free dentistry for their patients. Anaesthesiologists and other doctors are using it for local anesthesia for surgery and minor office procedures. In all these cases, the patients are benefitting from needleless injection because it eliminates the pain and phobia associated with needles.

The Effect of Needleless Injection:

Needleless injection has changed the way in which individual patients who have needle phobia look at healthcare. Before, many faced the painful reality of needles in order to get the healthcare they needed. Now, patients can get their vaccines without a needle. Or patients can get anesthesia for dental work without the use of needles. Those suffering from diabetes can use the Comfort-in™ needleless injection system at home for administering their insulin. Needleless insulin – not having to face the pain of needles each day.

Best of all, the general public can buy the Comfort-in™ Needleless injection system without the need to get a prescription. In fact, you can buy your needle-free injection system online, and have it shipped to your home.

Many parents are finding it easier to give their children required injections. Pediatricians are looking for ways to administer shots without scaring their child patients. The Comfort-in™ injection system is the answer.

Comfort-in™ has gone through years of research and development. We’ve worked on the design to come up with what we believe is the most versable jet injection needleless injection device on the market for individuals and professionals.

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