Diabetes is a slow killer-so when a child has diabetes, it needs to be kept in check. It is at a very early stage of life that a child has to go through a painful and life-changing experience. It is a disorder that can wreak havoc mentally too for a child, besides physically taking a toll.

So, how do we make it less painful for a child who has to inject insulin in his body every-day? A child with juvenile diabetes has a chronic condition.

To make it easier for children, the first option is to avoid needle-sticks which are scary for the child and could even be harmful, if he catches various types of infections. Every-day insulin needs to be injected into the child so it can enter cells for energy as his pancreas produces very little or absolutely no insulin.

So, there are a lot of restrictions for a child with juvenile diabetes-like not being able to play like other children, not being able to eat the same either etc. Life should be normalized as much as possible for these children. For children with Type 1 diabetes insulin needs to be injected every-day and for children with type 2 diabetes insulin need not be injected.

Research has shown that insulin given via jet injectors acts faster and gets absorbed faster. So, it is beneficial to use needleless injections, not only from the psychological aspect but it also gives better results and has a more positive effect physically.

Organ damage is one of the risks of diabetes type 1. Therefore, a lot of care has to be taken when a child has this condition. His life condition needs to be worked on for him to be able to deal with this disorder, which will definitely improve with the solution of using needleless injections.

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