In most of the procedures, Anaesthesia is necessary, so even before injecting the fear of the pain dominates the mind of the patient. Many surgeons and dentists have experienced that her stress and the patient’s stress increases during the operation: dentists, Veterinarians, Pediatricians, and all surgeons.

While on a dentist’s visit you go for an end to your painful toothache and what happens is you are injected with an anaesthetic – one for pain so that we get to bear the cavity or the gum pain. Now here the patient needs relief not only for this pain but also put aside the injection pain of the needle. Is this even possible? A few more examples – below.

The Podiatric physician many times experiences that while she injects anaesthesia the foot for some procedure the patient shudders more for fear of the pain than the process itself. Then the plastic surgeons also have to administer the anaesthesia shots, the spinal anaesthesia and Epidural Anesthesia, beauty treatments, botox – the list is endless.

 Comfort-inTM : Now is it possible to avoid this anaesthesia injection pain? Yes, it is – Comfort-inTM injections are needle-free, there are no chances of contamination or infection, Comfort-in™ needle-free injection rapidly disperse the medicine/shot because of it’s jet action and vapoured shooting of medicine entering the bloodstream.

The needle-phobics gave the power to receive anaesthesia or to allow their medical health professional to inject local anaesthesia to do simple procedures like stitches. The dentist has this excellent device by which she can avoid the salivary glands. All anesthetic shots can be given with Comfort-inTM. For use for the dentist’s purpose of anaesthetic shots, visit our page related to instructions for needle-free dental injections. The drug enters the bloodstream and gets dispersed in the blood faster than the usual system.

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