As a child when going to a doctor you are told that there won’t be any needles and if there is it will not pinch. Especially with the ‘needle phobia’ we all have as kids these lines were like the sound of music.

However, no syringe doctor would be ideal for a world of fantasy and a visit to the clinic more palatable.

True? Yes, it is.

Needleless injections called “Jet Injectors” are replacing the regular, unwanted, and dreaded pin pokes. These Injectors use high pressure to inoculate. The injection liquid is modeled to apply enough pressure to penetrate through the epidermis. It is almost not painful at all.

A Jet injector is being used to inject insulin, anesthesia, vaccines, vitamins and for various kinds of medicines. There is neither any risk of cross-contamination nor needle-stick injuries.

It is easy and safe to use that one can use it themselves like for insulin, vitamins and such. The medicines injected in this way get absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Jet injectors have a long life and therefore are cost-effective.

Using needle-sticks can be quite risky. In 2000, the world over, use of needle-sticks caused 2,60,000  HIV/AIDS, about 20 million cases of Hepatitis B, and more than one million cases of Hepatitis C. Millions died in their youth; lives which could be saved otherwise.

Patient-care is now a part of the plan for which such cases have to be controlled and minimized.

Therefore the solution of replacing needle injections with needleless injections like jet injectors is being widely accepted. Patients need not feel fearful and anxious when paying a visit to the doctor.

The risks that are involved with using needle injections are being eliminated because of this solution.

So, we can now heave a sigh of relief when one has to go through medical treatment, as it is may not as dreadful as we imagine it to be.

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