Children are generally uncomfortable going to a doctor. The minute you tell them that they are going to pay a visit to the doctor their discomfort becomes obvious. One of the reasons for this is the needles and syringes that petrify them.

So, how do we overcome this challenge when it comes to kids?

Needleless injection is the solution, as it is virtually painless and not intimidating. When in the doctor’s clinic, the entire experience for kids is much more pleasant if a needleless injection is used. The next visit to the doctor will not have as much drama as the cause for fear i.e. needle-sticks will not be there.

Also being simple to use, children can also learn how to self-administer medicine at home, all under the supervision of an adult, of course.

Teens with diabetes and young adults who need to inject insulin every day can do so themselves without the problem of finding a new place to inject insulin every day.

They can independently take care of themselves without bothering anybody and without being bothered them with the task of injecting insulin regularly.

Young patients who need to inject vitamins every day also need not find it burdensome as needleless injections make them feel confident about doing it correctly, safely and feel almost no pain.

For most children, needles are a daunting episode, and some children who have needle-phobia are very difficult to handle when they have to be injected. The sight of a syringe can make them go off balance and start howling. Visit to a dentist, podiatrist can drain children and their parents.

Needleless injections have made life a lot simpler for children and their parents. It couldn’t get simpler than even kids being able to use them.

It is astonishing how well and easily needleless injections are being used by young adults also under the expert supervision of an adult.