It is traumatic for a child to know that he/she has a condition which makes him/her different from other children. Extra care needs to be taken and the child cannot be carefree like other children.

The traditional injections pricking every day can be overwhelming for a child and it can aggravate the child’s mental state. Parents and at times doctors use comfort techniques like calming the child, distracting while giving injections, singing nursery rhymes or playing some soothing music which reduces the child’s anxiety to some extent.

Children with type 1 diabetes have to inject insulin every day while it is not so for type 2 diabetes. Currently, some alternatives to using needle injections are the use of insulin pumps, insulin pens, insulin ports, jet injectors, injection aids. Though these alternatives may not be completely painless they certainly reduce anxiety in children.

A needleless injection is an option which is gaining attention. Insulin is injected into the body by combining pressure and high velocity from a syringe. This syringe is especially designed for this. A needle is not used. It is fast, safe and also easy.

Life would be a lot easier for children if the child did not have to take the regular injections. Moreover, a needleless solution will also cut down on chances of getting infections like HIV, skin infection, etc.

One needs to maintain hygiene when administering insulin into a child so that the child does not suffer further.

Though this concept has yet to pick up and gain momentum it is worth spending time and money on this solution for children who have diabetes.

Though it can also make a child strong if he accepts his condition yet the child would welcome a needleless solution to this problem of his health.