Now available in Pharmacies throughout Australia

The Comfort-in™ needle-free injection system is available to the general public and to professionals in pharmacies throughout Australia. The Comfort-in™ starter kit contains everything necessary to get started. Additional disposable components (such as syringes and adapters) can be purchased from Pharmacies that carry the Comfort-in™.

If your Pharmacist does not have Comfort-in™ in stock, you can request your Pharmacist to order the Comfort-in™ products from Sigma Pharmaceuticals using the following codes:

Product          Code
Comfort-in™ Starter KitSigma PDE 250449
Comfort-in™ Luer AdaptersSigma PDE 250456
Comfort-in™ Syringes/NozzlesSigma PDE 250464
Comfort-In™ certifications

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