Adorable pets come in all sizes, shapes and colours. But, their survival, existence and love is the very reason for our “personal love affair” with them. One thing which pains us is the pain they endure while taking injections for diabetic care. We also suffer because we perceive the twin pain, the effects of the diabetic problem and secondly while they take the insulin needled injection. Many pet owners may be wondering how we are going to get rid of not just the pain of the injection needle but also how to avoid fear. The poor creatures are due to fear to become restless, thus making injecting with needles risky. The restlessness may cause the needle to break or more problems for the helpless darlings.

There is a fascinating and pain-free solution – Comfort-inTM. We want to recommend a very safe, simple and easy to administer technology which is now available. The system works like this -the mechanical syringe is replaced with a jet-propelled device which shoots the medicine without the needle directly onto the skin, it reaches the subcutaneous (sub skin) level into the bloodstream and delivers .5 ml of the insulin (medication) in a fraction of a second. Only a few critical precautions should be taken: avoid the startled response from the pet, Comfort-in™ should not be done on directly on veins or blood vessels.

The Comfort-inTM Needle-free injecting has many other advantages – like say lumps due to injecting over the same area, pain-free and fear-free pumping, it spreads the medicine with least resistance and faster too, prevents tissue damage or scars, reduces injection induces stress and many other benefits. For more details, you may visit our page related to pain-free injections for dog diabetetes insulin and look at the FAQS, videos, pdfs and additional information. You can also chat with them or email them.

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