The single most fear which turns into a phobia over some time is of the needle being inserted into one’s skin. This also turns into a concern for hospitalisation and doctors too. As soon as a person knows of the scheduled visit, the imagination and the dormant phobia kicks in. For the parent for its child, the pet owner for its pets, the brave man with his toothache – all types people get this phobia coming up, but it is essential to get rid of the illness or the medical problem to get relief.

Even in advanced countries with first-class medical care and counselling support the people facing the fear and who have the phobia is vast. In many countries, the children avoid the mandatory vaccination shot in awe of the needle. What do they precisely fear here and then turn it into a phobia? The little needle prick and the temporary pain is one thing, but those having to take long treatments with several injections to be given in the treatment also have to suffer the abrasions and inflammations, where needles are given in the same spot over and over again. Children taking long hormone treatments, people with diabetes taking insulin injections and patients suffering from chronic diseases are a few examples of these types.

How do we make this process pain-free, then to make it needle-free? Comfort-inTM is a very ingenious device which doesn’t have a needle and a syringe in a conventional sense. It has a spring-operated jet which pushes the medicine with great force right into the skin, goes below the, reaches the bloodstream and delivers the medication fast, and it gets dispersed very easily in the bloodstream more quickly than the old syringe system. What is more, this device does not cause any pain and is easy to handle even by a non-specialist. To get detailed information visit our website

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