Diabetes in dogs can result in cataracts (leading to blindness), enlarged liver, urinary tract infections, seizures or maybe kidney failure. Also, an animal having diabetes mellitus will show some or all of these symptoms: weakness, increased thirst, frequent urination, rapid weight loss, depression and abdominal pain. The insulin injection, therefore, becomes necessary though painful. Pet owners have another cause of worry – the pet may avoid the vet or fear the real dose, which gives them relief from diabetes.

The perceived fear is greater than the actual pain, besides due to the forcible injection, the pet may lose trust and confidence in the vet. This may necessitate administering the insulin without inflicting the pain of the needle – also it may sometimes become necessary to give the injection by ourselves. Thus, we work out something which avoids the pain itself, the fear of pain and to make sure we can infuse the medication without the vet’s help. Certain times the health and suffering of the dog may not permit us to take them to the vet. The doctor may herself become apprehensive due to the dog’s plight.

In these situations, the needle-free injecting device works as a boon to make the injecting simple, secure and pain-free with tremendous relief to the threesome the pet, the owner and the physician. The Comfort-inTM device injects the insulin in the dog’s subcutaneous level in the bloodstream in a very smooth and pain-free manner.

After viewing some instructional videos even, the pet owner can do it on the pet on her own. The Comfort-inTM can be reused after sterilisation and complete cleaning many times. It can inject within 1/3rd of a second .50 ml of the medication with the fast-spreading of the insulin in the dog’s body with better and faster results – a great relief for the pet and pet owner. To know more about safe administration, technical details, safety precautions and other details, please visit our page needle-free insulin injections for diabetes in dogs treatment.

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