Many people suffer from b-complex vitamin deficiency and the problems associated with it. The related symptoms are weakness, tiredness, or lightheadedness, Heart palpitations and shortness of breath, Pale skin, A smooth tongue, constipation, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, or gas, nerve problems like numbness or tingling, muscle weakness, and problems walking and many a time Vision loss too. Apart from the following the diet instructions from your dietician – if you feel and the physician opines that you need to take it fast – it will require injections of the medication. This happens in many cases of children due to their irregular and poor food habits.

The injection itself becomes a painful process for the child, the parent (for the agony caused to the child due to the needled injection) and the physician or the person injecting, who becomes apprehensive of violent behaviour by the child. But it cannot be avoided, so what is the solution to this painful situation? Oral doses of Vitamin B12 may not suffice, as the results we get will not be fast enough to cure the patient of his/ her sickness.

Besides the diet changes and some counselling, we can go for needle-free and pain-free injections with a new technology of jet thrust by the name of Comfort-inTM. This syringe does not have a needle but inserts the medication right onto the skin with just a small prickle, which is even not noticed by the patient. Needleless injecting of Vitamin B12 coenzyme (methylcobalamin) or methyl-B12 is a widespread use for the Comfort-in™ jet injector device, mainly because needle-free methyl B12 are painless and anxiety-free. Vegans and vegetarians who are in urgent need of this will find this way of injecting methyl-B12 very comfortable and easy to administer. For further explanations and details, log on to vitamin B12 deficiency painless injections page. You will find instructional and functional videos, pictures, photos and also a direct chat facility to clear things up.

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