A visit to the dentist is an excruciating and fearful affair, along with the unbearable pain in the tooth or the gum; we need to bear the mandatory anaesthetic injection – a double whammy of suffering from no way out of it. We observe in the waiting room of the physician, vet or dentist that people are fidgeting while waiting because the fear is taking precedence. The waiting room is full of fearful, though brave persons. Whether a tooth removal, a root canal or cleaning sometimes, we will have to take that shot to avoid the pain during extraction or other treatments.

Then we get home we need to intake some antibiotics and painkillers – another task which many feel loathful to do. How to avoid the pain due to the anaesthetic injection? Either way, you are destined to bear the pain and the fear precedent to it. We need to remove this irrational fear but also the pain associated with the needle prick. We have an effortless way to get a pain-free anaesthetic dose without the needle.

The Comfort-inTM jet syringe does the trick of removing this pain phobia since it does not have a needle the medication is administered with just a mini thrust which happens in a fraction of a second. The medicine enters the bloodstream and spreads out very fast. The only care to be taken is to inform about the release noise so as not to startle the patient. Always have the patient in the supine position for maximum access and comfort. Never inject it while the patient is sitting straight as it restricts the physician’s view and thereby the approach to. The first injection should be a lesser dose of the anaesthetic drug, say 0.15ml and 0.20ml for the sensitivity check. For more instructions, benefits and technical details, visit our page related to instructions for painless dental injections.

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