The physician’s appointment for your child to give necessary injections like vaccinations, growth hormone treatment, nutrient infusion and any other injection treatment instills fear and many a time phobias which are difficult to remove – apart from the counselling, which becomes ineffective on the irrational fears and phobias children have. This is an additional problem the parents and caretakers have to solve. These phobias continue even through adulthood. The treatment becomes essential, but for the child, the fear is very much real.

The phobia for the needle may have a long-lasting effect on the psyche of the child, not only the fear of the injections bur doctors, hospitals and other medical treatment multiplying the fear. It is essential once for all to remove them this phobia, over and above the counselling the children and they can be injected with a simple pain-free device.

In this device – there are no needles – so no pain, a slight skin pressure. Fluid medications are moved into the needle-free nozzle/syringe through adapters. The needle-free syringe can hold up to 0.5ml for each injection. A spring-action infuses the liquid medication in the nozzle/syringe effortlessly in the form of a small jet into the bloodstream. In case of prolonged and continuous treatment, many needled syringes may also create abrasions and clots over some time. However, this can be done away with, if we use Comfort-inTM for the treatment. In the case of Comfort-inTM, the liquid medication spreads into the subcutaneous tissue fast and the effects last longer.

The child can be physically shown the injection, which is without the needle and the pain-free operation can also be demonstrated convincingly. This system can obviate the need to do any in-depth counselling, thus removing the phobia quickly. Besides reducing the pain, there is complete control over the dosage, well spread out deliveries and comfortable experience to remember. To know more, please visit the website Inject Needle Free.

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