Podiatrists deal with sensitive areas like feet, heels, ankles and therefore have to take extra care to be medically efficient, especially with children. It is worse for children with needle phobia. Therefore, an alternative to using needles is using needle-free injections like jet injectors which make it easier for children, especially in sensitive parts of the body.

Ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, warts are treated by podiatrists. It can be quite difficult for a child to handle any of these treatments. It becomes even more agonizing for a child when antibiotics are injected with a conventional needle. It is painful and disquieting for the child. His mental state can be quite disturbed.

Nail surgery needs anesthesia to be given. This is also much easier on the child if a jet injector is used.

The world is progressing in all aspects today, therefore, some things like making unpleasant treatments pleasant for children is important. This is so that a child’s psyche is not affected. Modern technology has made this possible. A child with needle phobia will dread going to a podiatrist. However, if the podiatrist is passionate about patient care he can transform this dreadful feeling that the child associates with him into a safe and secure feeling.

Modern podiatrists try to reduce the stress and anxiety of a child so that he does not resist medical treatments. A child who gets over these negative feelings will comply with medical procedures, will independently be able to administer medication and also his skin will irritate less.

Sometimes, children even faint due to the use of needles. Their blood pressure and heart rate drop. Therefore, the effects of a scary conventional needle can be quite extensive.

However, today podiatrists care about making the patient experience good, pleasant, safe, and secure

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