Comfort-in™ Reset Box

AU $99.95

The Comfort-in™ reset box is can be used in place of the pressure lever to reset the Comfort-in™ injector when preparing the injector for injection. The reset box is an alternative to the pressure lever and can be used in either clinic or home environments. It is particularly useful for the elderly users, those with less strength in their hands, or people with “carpal tunnel syndrome”. To use, the Comfort-in™ needle-free injector is inserted into the Comfort-in™ reset box. Next, you simply close the box, and the mechanism inside pushes the plunger of the Comfort-in™ needle-free injector into the charged position, making it ready for its next injection.

Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 3 cm


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