Comfort-inject Needle Free injection system
“All disposables are sterilised by Gamma-Ray Radiation”

Contents of kit: 1 x Injector, 1x Pressure lever, 8x Syringes, 1 x Adapter 1, 1 x Portable bag

It is important to follow the steps while loading the device in order for the system to work properly


1.  Preparing the Comfort-in injector:
Position the injector in the handle of the pressure lever. Insert the pressure stick into the head of the injector. Push down on the handle of the pressure lever until you hear a click sound then. Remove the injector from the lever. Now the injector is charged.
2. Setting correct spring pressure to your dose:
Hold the device so that the dose window faces you (text comfort-in with arrow symbol on right) and wind the front head of the device to fit your dose range. (ex.:The dose range between 1-9 units, wind it to ‘10’, which represents10ml or 10 units 0 – 0.1 cc, and the range between 10-19 units corresponds to ‘20’, which represents 0.1 – 0.2 cc).
The range between 10-19 units corresponds to ‘20’, which represents 0.1 – 0.2 cc).
3.  Mounting the Adapter:
Push the adapter over the top of the vial firmly so the plastic needle in the centre of the adapter’s head pierces the membrane covering the top of the vial.
Preparing a syringe:
Take a syringe out of its sterile pack, push the plunger inwards to release it, only then pull back and forth to loosen it. Pull the plunger back to the 0.5 mark to fill with air.
4. Filling the syringe:
Attach the syringe (filled with air) to the adapter turn syringe clockwise to lock in, turn vial including adapter upside down, now push the air into the vial.
5. Now slowly draw medication/liquid by pulling plunger gently to the desired dose marking.
! Always check for air bubbles in Syringe.
If there are bubbles in the syringe, tap the syringe gently with your fingertips. To disconnect the syringe from the adapter, hold the adapter firmly and turn the syringe to the left. Place adapter cover back to adapter and store
according to recommendation supplied by manufacturer. Vials connected to adapters must be standing upright, if
not it may leak.
6. Now take your medicine filled syringe and insert it in the head of the injector by screwing it firmly in, make sure to hold firmly the injector by the head while screwing in the syringe.
Make sure to connect the syringe to the injector prior to use. Using of injector without a syringe may result in damaging the device.
“Comfort-in is now ready to be loaded.”
7. How to inject:
1. Choose your injection site.
2. Disinfect the area with alcohol swab.
3. Press the injector perpendicular onto the injection site, applying moderate pressure (90° angle) with tip of the syringe against your skin until the skin is clearly dented and the tip of the syringe is completely enclosed by the skin.
8. Once the tip of the syringe is tightly against the skin, push the injector button firmly (in blue colour as per image on the left). Wait 5 seconds with the tip of syringe against skin for the medicine to penetrate the body and remove the syringe. IMPORTANT: During the 5 seconds, massage injection site with tip in circular motion.

The syringe is a single use only and must be discarded after use.


  • It is recommended to apply the Comfort-in Needle Free Injection device on the belly area.
  • Repeated injections on the same area may cause interference with insulin absorption process due to the development of fatty dystrophy. Please administer injections at a 1 to 2 cm distance between each injection area.

Caution on Injection

  • Comfort-in Needle Free Injection device is a medical device. Never use for other purpose
  • Always consult with your physician prior to using the product.
  • Insulin users should always check their blood sugar level throughout the period of use.
  • Do not inject insulin on body areas other than the belly area.
  • For those who use a mix of two types of insulin, use the product as directed by your physician.
  • For use on children, obtain assistance from a medical practitioner.
  • Administer the injection at a 90° angle by slightly picking the area of injection with two fingers. If the angle is slanted, the injection may not be done


  • Person with weak vision.
  • Pregnant or potentially pregnant women.
  • Person with infection symptoms.
  • Person having difficulty to rotate the injector system due to inflammation of the nerve root or the articulation. (It is recommended to use the lever to ease up the pressure).
  • Person with memory problems who have difficulty in remembering the usage instructions.
  • Person who is taking another medication that may cause bleeding and excessive haemorrhage after the injection.
  • Person who is not able to monitor the blood sugar level on a daily basis.
  • Person who is not able to dispose and replace the consumables as recommended.
  • Person who are not comfortable with injection with or without needles on any part of the body.


  • Keep secure at room temperature.
  • Do not use if any of the packages are open.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Any other problem caused by Act of God.Keep insulin away from other medication to avoid changes in the insulin’s properties.      OTHERS
  •  The colours of the syringe and adapter may change due to the Gamma ray sterilization.
  •  For any additional information or inquiries, please contact the seller.
  •  Do not use excessive force when using the system as it may cause damage to the product.
    1. No pressure in the main unit.
    – Engage pressurization 3 to 4 times using the lever. If this does not work, contact the seller directly.
    2. Excessive residual medicine on the skin after injection.
    – Keep the syringe against the skin for 5 seconds after completing the injection.
    – Increase the pressure on the gauge scale of the main unit by approximately 5.
    – For any inquiries on the product, contact your seller directly.
    This product is manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485:2003 Standards.
    We provide warranty service free of charge for defective products caused during the manufacturing
    process or occurred under normal dosage conditions for the period of one year from the date of
    • The warranty period has ended. (Over a year from date of purchase).
    • The product warranty certificate has been lost or clauses have been changed.
    • The user has not complied with the directions or cautions on using the product.
    • Problem caused by negligence on the part of the person using the product.
    • Problem caused by disassembling or rebuilding the unit or a repair by an unauthorized person.
    • Any other problem caused by Act of God.
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    Tel: +61 3 98888771
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