I have been a vegetarian most of my life. I exercised six or seven days a week; aerobics, weight lifting swimming and running. My children were born while I was in my late 20’s so that was optimal. I have rarely lived in the city. I grew much of my own food. All taken together, I was very fit and took active steps to stay healthy. Imagine my shock when I was diagnosed with diabetes about 12 years ago.

The diabetes was controlled by oral medications for a couple of years, but we knew that insulin was in my future. I am a lifelong needle-phobe so the prospect of using insulin was terrifying and impossible. Several years prior I was a subject at the University of Washington in the Dental Fears Clinic. Three years of weekly treatment and I was able to tolerate getting my teeth cleaned. I was helped, but not a lot by the Clinic.

So my journey to find an alternate to insulin needle injections began. While on vacation, my dear husband spent hours on the internet and found a company in Canada that was manufacturing and selling a needle free system that I used for several years. The company had as their main business the manufacture of precision airplane parts (I am an aircraft engineer) so I had confidence in the injector’s quality. My insurance company was even convinced to pay the costs until they found out that the shipping point was Canada. Only U.S. shipping was allowed. Deep sigh, pay the bill and move on.

Several years in, the Canadian company took a different direction and chose to not make the needle free injector any longer. Back to the internet and that is when I found Comfort-In. Comfort-In is more comfortable to use and I have experienced a serious reduction in bruising and pain as compared to the previous Canadian device. Most injections are barely felt and bruises are rare. This is truly a lifesaving device for me. I really cannot tolerate any needles of any kind. My bloodwork is all done with finger sticks because I have an understanding doctor.
-Debra Burgess  

 My parents instilled in me the importance of honesty and hard work in my life.  These values and principles kept me out of trouble, which led me to a long and successful career as a law enforcement officer.  Good health and agility are required in order to safeguard lives and properties, protect the innocent, prevent crime, and apprehend criminals.  Therefore, I regularly exercised several times a week and watched my diet in order to maintain good health.  A couple of years shy of retirement, I gained twenty pounds and no longer had the energy to exercise or play sports with my teenage son.  I don’t use drugs, smoke, or drink alcoholic beverages, but I drink three or more sodas a day.  An annual doctor’s examination, complete with blood work, revealed I have what most middle-aged men have; low testosterone and high blood pressure.

My doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), blood pressure medication, and ordered me to stop drinking soda.  To my disappointment, my insurance company would only cover TRT injections and not creams, which cost about six-hundred dollars a month.  Consequently, I was forced to inject 1ml of testosterone with a 25 gauge needle once a week.  It took me half an hour to complete my first intramuscular injection as the thought of stabbing myself with a sharp object and self-inflicting pain brought on anxiety and went against my better judgement.  I eventually “manned up” and injected the 1 ½ inch long needle into my body, which stung like a bee and left a contusion for two days.  I sustained this merciless practice for more than a year.  With a few diet changes and TRT, my health improved, but at the same time, I loathed needles.  Against my doctor’s advice, I stopped TRT for a few months, until I discovered a needle-free solution with the Comfort-in Jet Injector.

With a new outlook, I resumed my TRT.  My doctor prescribed 1ml of testosterone once a week and .5ml of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) once a week.  I ordered my Comfort-in Jet Injector Kit and upon receiving it, injected the recommended HCG dose subcutaneously, which was painless.  In order to stay within my testosterone prescription, I administered two .5ml subcutaneous injections.  However, the injections resulted in small lumps with soreness, which took a couple of days to disappear as my body absorbed the oily medication.  Subsequently, I decreased my testosterone injections to .25ml each.  To my pleasant surprise, they did not result in small lumps or soreness.  I’m happy to report that Comfort-in has enabled me to resume my TRT and HCG treatments without needles or pain, and I don’t have to worry about keeping sharps away from family members or have to maintain and dispose of sharps containers.


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