The bravest of the brave hearts fear only one thing – a visit to the dentist to mitigate tooth pain, but in the process, the anaesthesia injection inflicts another agony – fear of pain to come. The single most fearful treatment which most of us are afraid of is our visit to the dentist – in anticipation of the pain the actual treatment gives us. It indeed pains us so much even before we start the treatment – the toothache is not an easy ordeal to go through, to top it we need to fear the treatment with its needle of local anaesthesia piercing our gums or inner mouth. We ask ourselves what sin we committed to merit this punishment of hell? Apart from them, the mental agony lasts with us for many days.

But modern science has at least found a way to relieve us from the pain of the injection which the dentist gives us. It is no small relief that while extraction, root canal, replacement, measuring sizes; we are not made the victim of this injection pain. The solution comes from the Comfort-inTM a technology which uses a short, powerful burst of the medicine with the high-pressure principle to make the drug pierce the skin and enter the bloodstream painlessly. Any liquid injectable grade medication can be injected painlessly by this technology with no side effects, pain or fear of grief.

Consider a peaceful tooth extraction or any dental treatment. The dentist can treat any patient with pain psychosis, and local anaesthesia can be administered in all dental or straightforward procedures. We encourage you to visit the website to know the full details of the system, or you may email us for the details or else talk to our agent online. You may also watch the videos to understand the working of the Comfort-inTM injections, which are not injections! Meanwhile, you may know by this simple diagram. No more fear of dental treatment.

For more information, visit our page related to needle-free injections for dental.

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