Top 5 Adapters for Comfort-in™ Needle-Free Injection System

1) Dental Adapter

– Dental adapter is for transportation of local anaesthesia in a dental clinic, gently threaded to the dental syringe instead of the hypodermic needle.

2) Pen Adapter

– Pen adapter is for transportation of medicine sold in pens cartridges such as insulin, hormone.

3) Vial adapter (14mm)

– Vial adapter (14mm) is for transportation of medicine sold in vials such that the crimped diameter of their tip is 14mm as per most insulin vials.

4) T-Adapter

– T-adapter is mainly used with vials with a crimped diameter larger than 14mm (up to 22mm). It looks like a thumb tack that needs to be pushed into the membrane of the vial, it has no lid for preventing spills or air getting into the vial.

5) Luer Adapter

– Luer adapter is a universal adapter for the Comfort-in™ needle-free injection system.

• Attach a needle (hypodermic) to the Luer Adapter’s tip and you can use it with absolutely anything and any type of vials available.
• Without a needle, the Luer Adapter fits soft-pack for saline solution and local anaesthesia (Lignocaine).