Pain-free Vaccination with Latest Technology

Introduction: Immunisation and vaccination around the globe have been an arduous task for Government health bodies and hospitals; it is a combination of different reasons why this is so. One of them is the fear of the pain which the needle of the dose will cause. Another possible issue is the risk of contamination with so many people being injected – also the healthcare workers are exposed to getting infected with different pathogens like HIV 2, Hepatitis and few others contagions.

Technology: The best solution for avoiding the above problems and do a pain-free injection system – Comfort-inTM. This is one of the best devices having a simple technology which is pain-free. The innovative syringe does not have a needle but an outflow through a minute hole which is jet forced and spring operated. The medication reaches the bloodstream and spreads in the blood faster than the traditional syringe injection, it being in the vapour form than in fluid.


  • Comfort-inTM needle-free injection is speedy to disperse the medicine/shot, and it is safer, fast in absorption by the body and almost painless.
  • One may use the syringe multiple times by sterilising again. However, the adapter which transfers the medicine to the injection can only be used once.
  • It minimises tissue damage and scarring of tissues.
  • Gets rid of psychological constraints and fears – Many avoid vaccinations due to this reason. Almost eliminates injection-induced stress.
  • It eliminates any harm to the patient and physician of the needle.
  • Jet-injectors don’t harm the tissue and stop lipodystrophy (lumps/small cause dents on the skin, when injections are given at the same spot).


The depth of penetration is from 2.5 to 6 mm.

The size of the ejection orifice is 0.15mm of mm diameter.

Comfort-inTM is CE certified in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

A minimum of 0.01 ml and a maximum of 0.5 ml of a liquid drug is just using Comfort-inTM.

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