Needle-free injections to reduce the Suffering of Diabetics

The person with diabetes has to suffer a plethora of problems attached to her condition. Diabetic foot, eating restrictions and eyesight issues and many other things bother her, topping it are the insulin injections with needles causing pain. Most of just even today dread the needle of the injections like the bullet. Consider this with the tooth problems and injections in your mouth for teeth extractions, root canals etc. Administering anaesthesia drug is another painful occasion. Is there a solution form medical researcher for this – may be an oral dosage for insulin. But the human body does not permit this – as the insulin just get digested inside the system and does not reach the bloodstream.

A better idea would be to have a needle-free injecting device. It’s good news for the person with diabetes that there is a pain-free, needle-free mechanism available on the net. This works on the principle of jet technology with the facility to give insulin injection by a layperson. It is practical, readily accessible and quite safe – so it does not require any particular prescription or training.

Now, this opens a new area of needle-free injections also for IVF fertility treatment for pregnancy, for diabetes in children and restless pets. As the fear of the needle is removed, the treatment is assured for those who want to escape from it – as the pain is removed from the process. The use and utility of this device cannot be disputed, and it’s a boon for all subjects having problem with the painful diabetic shots, injections at the dentist, on the Operation Tables, administering immunology medicines for children for allergies and in many situations. The physician or the injecting person also is assured that there won’t be any resistance while injecting. The device facilitating comfort is known as Comfort-inTM is available on the website Further information and other details, please log on to this website for videos, converse a live agent or asking by email.

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